Choices/Court Classes

  • Defensive Driving Course

    Complete your 4-Hour Defensive Driving Course at our driving school. You'll receive a certificate of completion that will be scanned and emailed to the court. In case of loss, we will keep a copy on file.

  • Anger Management Class

    The Anger Management Class consists of 6 hours of educational training on techniques to use to control your anger. Learn how to identify the triggers and emotions that escalate into behaviors of anger. Develop socially acceptable behavior and methods for controlling emotions.

  • CHOICES (Drug and Alcohol) Class

    The CHOICES Class consists of six hours of educational training on substance abuse. Increase your awareness of the dangers and consequences of the use of drugs and alcohol. Learn how you can prevent the destructive effects drugs and alcohol can have on your body, mind, and environment.

  • Effective Decision Making Class

    Learn how to make effective decisions. This class will help you change your behavior by examining cognitive behavioral thinking and approaches to affective behavior that leads to criminal activity.